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Clark Family Lawyers takes a personal and practical approach in providing legal advice.


We appreciate that you come to us in stressful and uncertain times and we aim to provide clarity by helping our clients understand their legal options, obligations and likely outcomes. 


We provide a FREE initial consultation because we want you as our client to be informed and comfortable in entrusting us to provide legal advice during a difficult stage in your life.

OUR COSTS are set out clearly in our first meeting.

OUR AIM is to provide advice that will allow you to make decisions about your life and move forward.

  At our first meeting we will

  • Take instructions from you, which means that you will outline all the issues you would like addressed and what you would like to achieve 

  • Discuss all aspects of your case with you and advise you on your legal rights and entitlements

  • Advise you on the different legal options available to you and explain what the benefits or limitations may be

  • Set out clearly for you the next steps we will need to take

  • Explain in simple terms the stages of the legal process that will follow

  • Provide a realistic assessment of your likelihood of success

  • Advise you of what your costs will be and the time that we expect your case to take

What to bring to your first meeting

Any court orders, legal letters or other letters you have received.


If you wish to discuss a property settlement with us, please bring a list of your assets and liabilities, including your (and your ex-partner’s) most recent Superannuation statement.

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